Pacific Grove, CA

My husband had a science convention to attend on the Asilomar Conference Grounds over the weekend, so I tagged along to walk around and take pictures and paint while he had to do boring, think-y, un-Sunday-like things, such as sit in a room and listen to speeches. Even though he got free food and I went into town for lunch and ate the worst chicken pad thai in existence, I still think I got the better end of the deal. The entire boardwalk was void of all people except me during the sunlight hours, so I got out my travel-sized, oft forgotten watercolor set and listened to nothing but the waves for a few hours. Saw a few deer too!

At night, while the conferences were still going on, the Girl Scout part of me kicked in and I made a roaring fire in our room's fireplace... perhaps too roaring, since it sounded like a furnace and it was still 60 degrees outside. But it was so nice to sit there listening to it while knitting, and nothing beats the smell of woodsmoke.