Lindsay Daniele


artist, procrastinator of vacuuming,

eater of grilled cheese,

admirer of Don Draper's pencil Sharpener.

sometimes my hair is long.

Sometimes it's short. It's just hair.



(I'm supposed to put my phone number here, but I'm not going to because I already get enough scam calls from Antigua/Barbuda. Good Job, Antigua/Barbuda, you've ruined it for EVERYONE)

​I'm an illustrator currently living in East Bay, CA. A native New Englander, I graduated from MassArt's illustration department with distinction and departmental honors in 2004. From there, I did freelance illustration (and some caricatures at Faneuil Hall to pay the bills) for a few years in Boston until making my way over to the award-winning Soup2Nuts Animation Company in Watertown, MA. There, I worked on all sorts of projects as a character and background designer for six years until it was finally time to move to California, where I continue to freelance. 

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Character Design

Background Design


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Background and Concept Art

Soup2Nuts, Watertown, MA

February, 2006 – January, 2013 - Employed full-time by Soup2Nuts of Watertown, MA:

Background Designer for the first six seasons of the multi-Daytime Emmy Award-winning show ‘Wordgirl’ on PBS

– Background Designer for the multi-Daytime Emmy Award-winning show ‘Scigirls’ on PBS

Lead Background Designer for an animated pilot created by David SanAngelo for Disney
Background design for Daytime Emmy Award-nominated ‘Chuck Vanderchuck’ on PBS
Concept character/background/title designs for many different projects from 2006 – 2013, including work

   for ‘Sesame Street’, ‘The Electric Company’, and Progressive Insurance

Freelance and Illustration

Houston, TX:

2019 - Still a full-time mom to two amazing boys... Art still on hold (but not forever)

East Bay, CA:

2018 – Baby Luke! Now a full-time mom to two amazing boys... Art on hold

2014 – Baby James! Now a full-time mom to one amazing boy... Art on hold

2013-2014 – Dillin Lab at University of California Berkeley, various biological illustrations

2013 – Conceptual and background design for the show Astroblast on Sprout

2013 – Dillin Lab at University of California Berkeley, video abstract for the science journal Cell
2013 – Hand-painted set design for a music video edited by Stephanie Stender (Editor at America’s Test Kitchen)


Boston & Cambridge, MA:
2012 – Kunes Lab at Harvard University, illustrations of cellular trafficking and neuronal anatomy submitted for publication

2008 - 2009 – University of New Hampshire, Nor’ Easter Bowl Design
2008 – David Schlafman, background design for the Daytime Emmy Award-winning show ‘Fizzy’s Lunch Lab’ on PBS
2008 – David Schlafman, two finished hand-painted backgrounds for the show ‘Evil Academy’
2008 – David Schlafman, conceptual background design
2007 – Evan Sussman, conceptual character design 
2006 – Hands On Toys, two illustrations for children’s 3D puzzle
2005 – Surround Creative, five 2.5’ x 3.5’ Aesop’s Fables paintings for the Town Green Park in The Woodlands, Texas
2004-2006 – Employed full-time by Fun Enterprises of Weymouth, MA
2004 – MassArt’s Illustration Department, T-Shirt design
2004 – Poster illustration for MassArt’s Holiday Sale
2004 – Northeastern Magazine, editorial illustration
2004 – Half Price Books, ‘Say Goodnight to Illiteracy’ spread
2002 – New Hampshire Seacoast Cruises, T-Shirt design
2003 – Half Price Books, Calendar illustration



Massachusetts College of Art, Illustration

​2000 - 2004

Graduation with Distinction

Graduation with Departmental Honors


Additional Information

Honors and Awards

2011  Daytime Emmy Recognition (in the category New Approaches) for the PBS show ‘Scigirls’ 

2006 – American Graphic Design Award for Excellence in Communication and Graphic Design for the Aesop’s Fable project in The Woodlands, TX

2004 – Outstanding Achievement Award from MassArt’s illustration faculty

2004 – Special Recognition from North American Review Magazine’s cover contest, judged by illustrator Gary Kelley

2003 – First Place, Mohawk Paper’s ‘Paper Tales’ contest ($1,000 prize)

2010 - present

2010 - present