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W o r d G i r l   o n   P B S 

When I was first hired by Soup, I'd never used Adobe Flash before, and they were fine with that. So I learned it fast and I learned it on the job. Though the style for the WordGirl world had been determined before I was hired, the Flash backgrounds shown here are ones that I made after being given very basic, scribbly black and white storyboards (see the video below). I helped create backgrounds for the first six seasons. Since there are multiple artists working toward a common style, we do occasionally end up using some shared elements that repeat often, such as clouds, the smaller puffy trees which look like broccoli, and some of the skyscrapers. Other than a few of those smaller 'props' placed here and there, I created about 97% of this small selection of bg's from scratch, and many of those previously drawn elements were redrawn and recolorized to suit their scenes.


WordGirl has been nominated for a bajillion Daytime Emmy Awards, and has won a whole bunch of them.




These are some of the animated props I made for various WordGirl Backgrounds:

T h e   P r o c e s s   o f   a   W o r d G i r l   B a c k g r o u n d :

1. Read the script, take notes.   

2. Watch storyboard animatic.

3. Find all the background, middleground, and foreground sketches as well as sketches of props the characters will use in the episode.   

4. Finalize the sketches and draw like crazy!

This was one of ten backgrounds I drew for the episode 'Risky Chuckness.'

S c i G i r l s   o n   P B S

I created the style for SciGirls using a combination of Flash overlayed with textures that had been manipulated in Photoshop. This project in particular was really fun to work on. The town you see in the street scenes was modeled after my favorite small town of all time: Damariscotta, Maine. My family and I used to shop at an artsy-garden-y store called Brambles whenever we went up to Maine for a few weeks each summer, and it had white paper star lanterns hanging in the windows. 


This project won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches and earned me a special recognition.




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F i z z y ' s   L u n c h   L a b   o n   P B S

I also created the backgrounds and overall background style for the pilot of  Fizzy's Lunch Lab, also on PBS by CloudKid Animation Studio of Brighton, MA. This style was eventually carried over into full seasons of the show.


Fizzy's has been nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.




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